When You're In Need Of Inspiration

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I made it no secret that in April and May I went through a bit of a slump with blogging and YouTube. I was so uninspired in my work that I just didn't feel like writing up any of the many post ideas I had or filming any of the videos I had wanted to film. Towards the end of May I finally found my stride again and I think there were a few things that was down to. For all the other creative minds out there, I thought I'd share some of the ways I give my inspiration a little kickstart when it is lacking.

  • Go Back to Your Roots: One of my first loves, and probably the thing I'm most passionate about in this world, is reading (and piggybacking on that, writing). I felt like I never talked about my passion for books and literature on my blog and I wasn't happy about that. On a whim, I decided to start a second YouTube channel to share books I'm reading, others I love, and most likely some other life ramblings. I felt like my blog wasn't reflecting my true self. Even though I don't feel like this about others that write about beauty or fashion, I felt like what I was writing about could be perceived as shallow. On top of that, before April, it seemed for months I had been neglecting reading when it used to be my favorite pastime. Now that I'm reading constantly again and I'm injecting more lifestyle into my posts, I'm much happier with my content and I'm so excited about my second channel. The short of it: go back to what you love, you could find inspiration there.
  • Surround yourself with things that inspire you: Books, movies, magazines, music--don't limit yourself to just one thing. You could find an idea hiding in an obscure newspaper article or in the ending few minutes of a new TV show. You never know, so keep an open mind. I know personally, I am constantly taking in the mediums I love and the things that inspire me, not only because I love it but to get my mind working as well. 
  • Take a Break: If you are stuck on one specific thing--maybe you've hit the dreaded writer's block--take a step back. Make yourself a cup of tea, go for a walk. Do something completely unrelated and you may find yourself generating ideas you'd never thought of before.
  • Brainstorm each day: Take some time each day to try and generate new ideas. Sometimes you'll come up with naught, other times you could hit the jackpot. It's important to get your mind into the habit of brainstorming and coming up with new things. 
  • Make Your Own Inspiration: And then there are the times when sometimes, you just have to keep going. I'm not going to call the writer's muse a myth but sometimes he will be notoriously absent. But what good is that to you? Occasionally, you just have to plow through it. BICHOK. Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. Sometimes the first few words are the hardest and then the rest will just flow. 
At the end of the day, it's normal to get stuck. Just remember to keep moving forward and you'll get out of it; many times, you'll find you've come up with more ideas than you originally thought. 

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing?


  1. I've been like this lately! In the end I just decided to post about whatever the hell I liked, regardless of whether people were interested! x

    Elissa | styleaffix.com

  2. I think that's a good attitude to have--it's your blog after all :)


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