Pick Me Ups

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This post is a teensy bit late. I meant to share it about three weeks ago and then completely forgot. (This is why you write things down, Amber). Anyway, if you read my weekend write up a few weeks back, you might know that I missed my senior prom due to being sick. I and my good friends were pretty bummed out about it so my best friend Gaby surprised my on Sunday with a few treats as a pick me up.

First of all, I just have to say I have some of the sweetest friends imaginable and Gaby's gift was so thoughtful, I truly was filled with gratitude for having such amazing people in my life. I don't talk much about Gaby surprisingly, but we are set to film a video sometime in the future which I am so excited about.

Essentially, Gaby fit most of my favorite things in the little bag she brought me. It made me think how such small things, and the gesture, were the best pick me up I could have asked for.

The first thing she handed to me was a caramel machiatto from Starbucks when she walked in the door, followed by a little bag from Francesca's (a boutique store we both like). The first two things I pulled out were king sized Reeses candy. My all time favorite. Two of them. She also got me a super pretty notebook which I'm seriously obsessed with. I put off writing in it because it is just too pretty to spoil. It also happened to be rather appropriate as it has positive sayings sprinkled throughout. The other item that she got from Francesca's was a little sticky note with the grumpy cat on it which is just whimsical and fun. And useful--I use my fair share of sticky notes. Finally, she got me a candle from Bath & Body works in one of my favorite scents: Tea & Lemon.

I think when you're a little bit down, small pick me ups can work wonders. Whether they're from a friend (again, thank you Gabs) or you treat yourself, it's the perfect way to remind you of some little things that put a smile on your face. (Small pick me ups are also much friendlier on your wallet than binge shopping).

What are your little pick me ups?


  1. Love Resee's so much :)


  2. So do I haha, they're my favorite candy!


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