My First Gel Manicure

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's safe to say after having a gel manicure, no other manicure will ever really compare.

Left: First day, taken with iPhone 5 (with flash)
Right: A full two weeks later w/o flash (sorry it's not in focus!)
Before I went on my cruise, my mom was kind enough to treat me to a gel manicure. I wanted to go a little festive so I went with OPI Malaga Wine and a sparkle on my ring finger (which for the life of me, I can't remember the name of). The manicurist that did my nails shaped them just like I like: short and square. They lasted a full two weeks without any chips and I've now started to look into at home gel manicure sets. I never really understood the obsession with gel manicures but now that I've had one, I understand fully why women everywhere swear by the shine and chip free finish.

Have you ever had a gel manicure? What's your opinion at the at home sets?


  1. i love your ring in the right picture, where did you get it? x

  2. These look so lovely, I ca't believe the lack of chip! I love your rings as well :) x


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